The Center for Career Readiness & Community Impact (CCRCI)

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在演艺事业的不断发展的景观中导航需要艺术家发展和完善新的技能,这将扩大和提高他们的职业机会和他们对社会的影响. In recognition of this shifting terrain, newbb电子的音乐创业和社区合作中心的项目已经被重新命名并精简为一个名为"职业准备和社区影响中心” (CCRCI). 这个重新启动的项目提高了与学生教育需求的相关性,并反映了MSM培养具有文化响应能力的艺术家公民的目标.

Under the direction of Rebecca Charnow (Dean of Youth Education and Community-Career Connections; College Faculty) and Chris Vaughn (Director, Center for Career Readiness & Community Impact), The Center for Career Readiness & Community Impact (CCRCI) 密切反映学生在所有相关课程的学习成果.

The mission of The Center for Career Readiness & Community Impact is:

  • 在学生追求个人有意义的职业道路时,支持他们的教育和专业发展
  • To provide experiential learning opportunities
  • 为了体现我们培养文化敏感型艺术家公民的目标

In addition to career-advancing coursework, the program’s highlights include: a series of arts partnerships 与当地K-12学校和记忆护理机构合作; MSM performances for visiting school groups; teaching placements for CCRCI participants; a dynamic calendar of Setting the Stage workshops,为在校学生/校友提供的资源(包括 Hire A Musician referral service, Private Teacher Directory, and Online Opportunities Board), and one-on-one career advising. 此外,CCRCI继续监督新扩大的项目 internship program 这提供了一系列的体验式学习机会,以加强学生的教育.


  • The Rubin Ladd Foundation
  • Cornelia T. Bailey Foundation
  • The Barker Welfare Foundation
  • An Anonymous Donor
  • The Wonderful Foundation

Meet the CCRCI Team

Center for Career Readiness & Community Impact
Room 113 & 114

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